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dimmable, light colour temperature adjustable


matt black, matt grey, brass


aluminium, brass on request


lamp body diameter is 24mm, lamp body length and chandelier height are variable, amount of chandelier arms can be customized on request

Additional Features

on request the lamp body is rotatable, tiltable and the chandelier arms turnable.

Our chandeliers are minimal, radial arrangements of lighting fixtures, which are held in place by bent steel tubes. The initial design reference for our Chandeliers are radial chandeliers that used to be the lighting of choice in European train stations. The amount of arms on our Chandeliers is completely variable, which makes them one of our most versatile products. In order to allow for an adjustment of the lighting bodies, the arms can easily be equipped with joints. The arms may also be modified with fixtures to allow for a rotation of the entire arm.

Request a configuration

If you choose NJEBO, everything is possible. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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