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Corner Fixture for Native Instruments

Corner Fixture for Native Instruments

In collaboration with Kinzo Architekten, we developed a lighting fixture for their reception desk. Our new profile connectors, arc connectors, and new flush-mounted ceiling attachments were utilised in this project. The newly developed profile connectors enabled an overlength of 7,35 m. The integration of the new arc connectors facilitated an exact adaptation of lighting-fixture curve to desk design. The flush-mounted ceiling fixtures create the impression of a floating luminaire above the counter.

Key facts

Year of Construction

February 2021


Berlin, Kreuzberg


Kinzo Architekten GmbH

Lighting Planning

Kinzo Architekten GmbH



Luminaire types

Shapes and Corners

Luminaire amount

2 pieces

Luminaire total length

9,443 mm

Recently, we've upgraded the design of our arc connectors. Thanks to these improvements, the lighting-fixture profiles seamlessly interlock with the arc profiles. Arc profiles can be produced at any angle, allowing the design of a variety of luminaire shapes.
Our flush-mounted ceiling attachments have been optimised. They can be utilised for acoustic, plasterboard, or wooden ceilings when cabling above ceilings is possible. The advantages of this mounting technique are: The positioning of the luminaire can be fine-tuned after installation, the construction of the ceiling mount is flat, and the surface coating can be adapted to the respective ceiling. Furthermore, cabling above the ceiling creates the impression of an invisible power supply. This effect is enhanced by the fact that our current-carrying cables have a diameter of just 0,7 mm. The assembly is available in several versions, offering various outer diameters of the round plate.
Snapshots from the production process.